Episode 12

S01 EP12: At least you didn't...try terribly hard to do the right thing, but have it go terribly wrong...

Well you're in for a treat this week.

First up, find out what happened when Caroline managed to get stuck inside her own car. it involves door locks, speaker phones, being spherical and two poor poor passers by.

Then onto Annabelle. Not to be outdone, she made a huge mistake when someone left her in charge of a group of children. (why on earth did they give her that job?!)

And finally, we learn about how even the NSPCC can't help Caroline be a better parent. But goodness knows she is still trying...with the help of a dinosaur called Pantasaurus.

Also we hear from the brilliant Sarah Pritchard in Bristol who really went out of her way with not one but TWO fantastically awkward stories in one...both involving the joys of childbirth. If you'd like to get your story onto the podcast, drop Caroline and Annabelle a DM on Facebook or Instagram /atleastyoudidnt

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At least you didn't...
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