Episode 8

S01 EP08: At least you didn't...permanently injure yourself on an amusement arcade horse...with Caroline Verdon and Annabelle Buckland

Well this is a jam packed episode!

On this weeks episode, find out why Caroline no longer trusts her husband and why plumbers refuse to visit their house.

Also, Annabelle reveals how she humiliated herself infront of her boss, lost her mothers respect and ruined her jacket IN ONE FOUL SWOOP (there is a LOT to unpack!)

Aaaand Caroline reveals what happened when she took on a plastic amusement arcade horse. It did not end well. For Caroline.

Also we hear from you with your stories too! Wendy Freed is our guest this week and BOY does she have a story to tell about her snap happy husband!!! If you have an 'at least you didn't' story, share it with us on Facebook or instagram - were @atleastyoudidnt

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