Episode 9

S01 EP09: At least you didn't...accidentally call David Beckham a murderer*...with Caroline Verdon and Annabelle Buckland

You better believe our lives are so disastrous we have more stories! WELCOME TO EPISODE 9!

This week, find out about Caroline's quite frankly CREEPY HOUSE FULL OF DEAD PEOPLE.

Also, Annabelle needs to do something cool to match her friends who have gone to uni so does the only sensible thing and joins a canoe club full of old men. And yes, it was a disaster.

And Caroline reveals how she accidentally called David Beckham a murderer whilst reading the news. FOR LEGAL REASONS WE NEED TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT DAVID BECKHAM IS NOT A MURDERER. Obv.

Hands down the most exciting thing for us about this weeks episode is our guest Ellie, FROM ACTUAL AUSTRALIA. Yes that;s right. The podcast we made to pass the time during lockdown/give us another excuse to drink gin is being listened to on the ACTUAL OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. We are very excited about this. And about how Ellie poisoned a man she was trying to sleep with.

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